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Chiropractic Care For Children

   Many people ask whether it is appropriate for children to receive chiropractic care. Not only is it appropriate, it is necessary for the proper development of a child's spine. Given the tremendous amounts of falls and mishaps children experience as they grow, there is a great probability of minor injuries occurring. We call them minor injuries, because in most cases, children get the type of injuries that are not causing them significant pain at the time of injury. However, these minor injuries, if left untreated can accumulate over the years until such time that a more significant health issue is evident. Dorland's Medical dictionary describes health in part as not just the absence of pain, but a state of wellness.

   Gentle chiropractic adjustments of a child's spine will aid in keeping the spine mobile and in its best possible functional position. This, along with the proper additional support from the child's pediatrician allows for a team approach to healthcare. This is an approach that works well for the child because various different health philosophies and treatment are used for the child's best health interest.

An analogy that seems appropriate at this point of our discussion: It is better to prevent a sapling from growing bent, than to attempt to straighten out an old tree.

   In today's world, with the health advances in all professions, it is not necessary for our children to suffer with the same difficulties of past generations.

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