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Health Conditions Not Normally Associated With Chiropractic Care.

This section has been written to address a commonly misunderstood aspect of chiropractic treatment. Many people understand that chiropractic helps conditions such as headaches, neck pain, back pain, and auto injuries to name a few. The list goes on and on. However, mention allergies, asthma, menstrual problems, stomach pains or any other organic symptom, and most people would cringe and say, "No way!"

   It is true that many of these symptoms can indicate more serious problems and should be evaluated by your team of health care providers to be sure of the cause of these symptoms. However, the real reason why many folks don't understand that in some cases, chiropractic can help the above-mentioned conditions, is that some of our earliest colleagues never explained how it might be possible. I will attempt to do so in the next few paragraphs.

   Let's start by stating a few facts. The brain controls and coordinates all bodily functions. Since approximately 95% of this information must travel though the spinal cord before reaching the appropriate organs and tissues, the spine must be working properly for that transfer to occur. If there is restriction of this nerve information it would be easy to understand that some type of malfunction could occur.

Your chiropractor evaluates the areas of the spine that would be associated with the major symptoms reported. If there was significant difficulty in that particular region of the spine, it would follow that the chiropractor would have a potential opportunity to help the particular condition. If, however, the spine associated with the particular symptoms was functioning properly, the chiropractor would not be able to accept the patient for treatment.

Chiropractic is most well known for helping neuromuscular/structural types of conditions. This article was written to help you understand that there are times when organic symptoms are caused by structural problems in the spine. Utilize your team of physicians to enjoy the best level of health.

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