Increase in Chiropractic Patients With Work-Related Injuries

Increase in Chiropractic Patients With Work-Related Injuries   The above headline comes from a report of a release from the July 21st 2000 Journal of the American Chiropractic Association. [][]In this article it is reported that there is more evidence of chiropractic effectiveness in returning injured workers back to work both quicker, and more affordably than other forms of care. According to the report one such study showed a consistent 2 to 1 advantage of chiropractic care over medical care for injured workers. As far as expenses for such care, another study showed that costs in cases managed by doctors of chiropractic increased only 12% between 1986 and 1989, while treatment costs in cases managed by medical doctors increased 71% during the same period.

   Historically, the medical community has been slow to embrace the chiropractic approach for injured workers however, based on new evidence the article reports that, "some doctors of chiropractic are experiencing an increase in the number of patients with work-related injuries who are being referred to them by medical doctors."

   The results showed that chiropractic was highly effective for patients with tension headaches. When compared with the drug amitriptyline, chiropractic and the drug had similar short term effects during the episode. However, the drug carried with it an adverse reaction rate in 82% of the patients.

   The most profound effects were seen after the care was discontinued in the study. In these instances the patients who were on drug therapy essentially returned to the same state as before. However, the patients who were under chiropractic care continued to show sustained reduction in headache frequency and severity even after the chiropractic care was discontinued. The implications are that chiropractic is not actually a therapy or treatment, but rather gets to the cause allowing the body to effect a correction that lasts beyond actual care.
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